Naomi Campbell as Pantone Swatches : A Concept

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Naomi Campbell as Pantone Swatches : A Concept. That’s it. That was the tweet.

As an artist and designer, I have a desire to more deeply understand value and tone to help develop color harmony in my work. Last week, I engaged in a pretty simple practice to get the juices flowing. I was inspired by a 1991 photograph of Naomi Campbell by Irving Penn in Vogue. Naomi, in the freesia colored two-piece, was dropped in my mood board folder of sunflower color covered images I picked through during the week.

I wanted to try my luck at matching the photo to a Pantone swatch, for some additional inspo and found Pantone’s (14-0852 TPX) Freesia. I dropped the photo inside the frame of the Pantone swatch to see how close I had come. It was a perfect match. From there, I became a bit obsessed and created another and another and, well you get it.

These small, fun edits along with the creation of mood boards provide a confidence booster for whatever design work I have ahead of me for the day. I find the completion of something, anything, brings a feeling of success that makes it that much easier to trust my creative intuition and and bring that to the work.

I have shared most of the edits on Twitter, but there a few below that have been shared exclusively on my blog. I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to share with credits, I can be found @shefonnachelle on all social platforms.

Shamrock copy.jpg
Violet Pantone copy.jpg
Naomi White.jpg
Peach Naommi.jpg
Toast copy.jpg
Flame Scarlet 2.jpg
Pantone Black copy.jpg