A Trip to Way Back Yonder Boutiques

At the end of every summer, I spend about a week at my great aunt and uncle’s house in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Along with my son, my grandparents and closest younger cousins, the week includes laying around, laughing and eating way too much food.

During this trip I ventured out to a few researched thrift stores (because, me) and stumbled on the gem that is Way Back Yonder Antiques in Portsmouth.

The quaint, unassuming shop is tucked away on a side street down town. I rang the doorbell, was buzzed in and stepped into one of the more magical places I have visited in quite some time.

I wandered around in awe at the assortment of antiques including furniture, books, jewelry and a grand antique silver collection.

The coupled owners, Ed and Ken, were not only helpful but incredibly knowledgeable in their inventory. Circling the store about five times total to take it all in, I spent my last few minutes scanning the collection of vintage cameras. (And trying my hardest not to empty my entire bank account into the cash register)

I left with a few books including a copy of Anaïs Nin’s Little Birds. I plan to revisit Way Back Yonder a little later this year to make a few larger purchases and arrange for proper packing to return north.

If you find yourself in downtown Portstmouth, this little shop is totally worth the extra stop.

Oh, and don’t forget to ring the doorbell!



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